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Back in December 2012, I took a trip to the doctor’s and when I jumped on the scale, I was both speechless and shocked! I weighed 177 lbs. How did I get here? I slowly packed on the pounds during college and the start of my teaching career. Here I was 28 years old, 177 lbs and a miserable 12. I had no energy or motivation to do anything! This was the last straw. It was time to do something NOW. it was time to end this monstrous depression and take back my life.
I made another New Years Resolution just like I had before, except this time was different. I had my “Why” power and I was determined to see this through. My why had out weighed any of my possible excuses.
Starting January 1st, I swore off pop, dusted off one of my old workout DVDs and got started.
After a week or so, I started seeing improvements and getting results. It was about that time that my friend from work asked me to join one of her accountability groups. I loved this and took her up on this offer. With the help of her and the others, I was able to stay accountable and motivated. By April I was down 20 lbs and a size 7/8. I couldn’t believe it! I kept working hard and when summer started I was finally down 30 lbs and a size 5/6. I started running my own accountability groups to keep me motivated and working towards my goals. Almost a year later, I am healthy, stronger, confident, happy, and enjoying my life. I never thought losing weight could impact my entire life like it has. I am HAPPY! So far, all summer and now fall, I have been able to stay on track and have maintained my weight loss. I changed my life style and got rid of some old bad habits which tells me those extra pounds and pant sizes won’t ever find me again!