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Dream so BIG that they SCARE you!

My whole life I have been a dreamer, but since the start of becoming a fitness coach. I have learned how to turn those dreams into goals and the goals into action plans to make them happen through personal development. I now have all the tools to make it where I want to be in life. My ultimate goal is to pay off my endless debt of student loans, build my dream home, and being financially free to be home and raise a family. These things are  all possible for me to complete in the very near future with the help of my coaching business because let’s face it, if I remain just on my teaching salary, I may never attain these goals.

The best part of this business is helping others to not only become fit and healthy which adds to boosted confidence and self-esteem with over all happiness mixed in, but also helps me to help them become financially free. My parents are just like any other typical American right now. They are struggling to pay bills. My mom’s hours have been cut at work because of government funding cutting services provided by their agency and my dad is a product of school districts and their refusals to hire full time with benefits for hourly jobs now because of privatization. Part of my goals are also to be help them become financial free and get them out the rut they are in along with many others just like them.

As I type this, I am watching the CMA’s and it just confirms to me that DREAMS can come true, so why dream small. GO BIG! Florida Georgia Line are on FIRE and making their dreams come true. We live in such a wonderful country to be able to build and grow our dreams. We can all be successful when we find our passions, learn successful tools/strategies and put in the hard work!

Here’s to BIG dreams and helping others filling their BIG dreams! 🙂